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TCER Working Paper Series Submission Rules

Article 1. These rules shall establish necessary items concerning submission to the TCER Working Paper Series as established by the Tokyo Center for Economic Research (hereinafter, “the foundation”).

Article 2. The foundation establishes the TCER Working Paper Series with a goal of transcending the boundaries of individual universities to provide a place that allows papers with similar themes to be found at a single location, similar to the NBER working papers and CEPR working papers.

(Eligibility for submission)
Article 3. Authors and papers falling into any of the following categories shall meet the requirements for submission to the TCER Working Paper Series.
(1) Papers authored by TCER fellows, or jointly authored by TCER fellows and non-fellows.
(2) Papers presented at conferences sponsored or jointly sponsored by the TCER.
(3) Papers authored through TCER research aid or other programs implemented by the TCER.
2 If the above submission requirements have been met, a paper is eligible for submission even if it has already been included in other working papers or discussion papers elsewhere.

Article 4. If the submission requirements listed in Article 3 have been met, the submitter will complete the required items on the submission page of the TCER homepage, and then submit the paper as a PDF file.

(Determination of acceptance or rejection by an editor)
Article 5. The acceptance of a submitted paper to the TCER Working Paper Series will be determined by an editor for the specific field to which the paper pertains. The submitter will be notified of their acceptance or rejection, but no referee report will be prepared, and inquiries will not be answered.

(Editors for specific fields)
Article 6. The representative director will appoint editors for specific fields by selecting from TCER fellows.
2 The term of service for an editor for a field will be two years (from April 1st to March 31st two years later).

(Criteria for acceptance)
Article 7. In determination of the acceptance or rejection of a paper, the editor for the relevant field will make an assessment regarding scholarly expertise based on the criteria set forth in the following items.
(1) The paper is written in either English or Japanese.
(2) The paper is formatted such that it could be submitted to an English language scholarly journal such as JER or JJIE, or a Japanese language scholarly journal such as the former ESQ or The Economic Review (Keizai Kenkyu). Papers or essays intended for publication in newspapers or business weeklies are inappropriate.
(3) The paper does not contain antisocial content, endorsement of any specific political party, or content that presents any conflict of interest.
(4) The style of the paper (number of pages, font, format, references, etc.) may be freely chosen.
(5) The editor will make no judgment that interferes with the content or conclusions of the paper.

(Publication on the homepage)
Article 8. Papers accepted into the TCER Working Paper Series by an editor or the represntative director will be published on the TCER homepage by the TCER homepage director.
2 Papers published on the TCER homepage will be published on the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) Archives.

Article 9. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the copyright of papers in the TCER Working Paper Series remains with their authors.

Article 10. These rules may undergo revision if deemed necessary by decision of the board of directors.

Supplementary Provisions
These rules will take effect on April 1st, 2013.  Revised on May 9th, 2013.

Categories of TCER Working Papar Series

The TCER Working Paper Series are classified into the following thirteen categories.  Alphapet(s) in parentheses in each category corresponds to JEL Classification Codes.

Mathematical and quantitative methods (C)
Microeconomics (D)
Macroeconomics and monetary economics (E)
International economics (F)
Financial economics (G)
Public economics, health, education, and welfare (H, I)
Labor and demographic economics (J)
Industrial organization (L)
Economic history (N)
Economic development, technological change, and growth (O)
Agricultural and Natural resource, environmental economics (Q)
Urban, rural, and regional economics (R)
Other special topics (A, B, K, M, P, Z)

Required Items for the Submission of Paper

Paper Information
Title of paper
Category of paper
JEL Classification codes (up to three codes)
Keyword(s) (up to five keywords)
Length of paper
PDF file of paper

Author Information (about all authors of paper)
Name of author
Corresponding author
Affiliation (Name of University or Institution)
Affiliation (Name of Department or Graduate School)
Postal address of affiliated institution
Email address of author